Still of Margaret Hamilton in The Wizard of Oz (1939) Still of Margaret Hamilton in The Wizard of Oz (1939)
                                                      Unlimited Inmate Calls. $95.00 Monthly
              Collect Cell Phone Inmate Calls. Serving Tulare, Kings, and Kern Counties CA. 
                   Available at all County, State and Federal Facilities in the US, Canada, EU
                                       and all spanish speaking countries world wide.
                                                                 Plan ahead.
                     If you are out on bail, on probation, parole, awaiting an appeal, 
                     our phone service is a must have to aid in your transistion. 
                     $95.00 monthly. Available to all correctional institutions in the 
                     US, Puerto Rico, Canada and the EU. This plan works  
                                             with all cellphone subscribers.  
                                       Inmate voice mail for all subscribers.
                                      "We make staying in touch affordable"
                                                 Here is how it works. will assign to you a phone number. 
Your loved one will call this number instead of your current phone number.
This number is an access number to our network. Once the call is on our network
we will process the call to you. With our system you can receive calls anywhere
you want, at home, at your work, cell phone or skype, broadband, voip, worldwide.
You can change the ring location any time you choose at no additional cost.

It's easy, and it works. Call: 1-(801)-415-1961. We will be happy to answer
all your questions. Area code and toll free number plan $95.00 monthly, for the first
2 months and $65.00 monthly thereafter.
They may be used on any inmate/non-inmate designated cell phone or landline.
All calls are unlimited. Activation fees and charges are included.
Ask about our family plan for in state and out of state family members.            

                                      A less expensive alternative to predatory rates.                    
                                             Save money with our
          Our rates never go up. The more subscribers we get, we pass the savings on to you.
                       All calls are unlimited and include activation fees.
                                                    Ask about our family plan rates.
            Add a friend or family member's number to your account for $15.00.                                   

      All calls are unlimited. All fees and activation charges are included in the monthly rate.

                   Residence and cell phone linkage are included in monthly fee.
                                                    Cost is $95.00 monthly. 
            Discounts to $65.00 monthly after 2 months of service available to all subscribers.
                                       Unlimited Inmate E-mail. Only $15.00 monthly.                                 
                                                        1-(801) 415-1961
 Ask about out unlimited inmate e-mail service for only $15.00 monthly.
 Give your loved one something to look forward every day.
 Send your loved one an e-mail to our e-mail address and we will print it up 
 and mail it out in 24 hours. Personal and private communications.
 We will set up a password protected e-mail account for you at no additional charge.
  Six month minimum participation. No contracts.
                                                    This is not a company.
                      This is a service innovation provided by a private individual.

Do I require any additional or special equipment?                  
No you dont need additional or especial equipment. You only require having any phone service. 

Do I need credit card to register?
You don't need credit card to register for our service.         

Does your phone system violate prison rules?   
No it does not. We will provide you with a phone number that is outside of  the prison. 

If the inmate gets out of prison, can we cancel the service?  

Yes, you may cancel our service at any time just call customer service. 

What if the inmate is relocated to other facilities?  
If the inmate is relocated please call us immediately so we can determine if you need a new inmate telephone number. 

Can the inmate call any one else with my number?     
No. When the inmate calls our special inmate phone number, we will connect the call only to your assign telephone number.
                          Pay two months in advance and receive the third month free.
                           Second payment isn't due until the fourth month of service.
                    Add an additional cell phone or land line of the account holder for an additional
                                                           $15.00 monthly.
             We accept USPS and Wells Fargo Bank money orders.                                              
             No more unauthorized  charges or deductions from your credit/debit card. 
            No additional charges of fees. Pay monthly. No contracts or applications. 
                          We buy the services and resell them to you at our cost.             
  Enjoy unlimited calling and inmate e-mail, at an affordable price.
                                         1-(801) 415-1961    
"Bridging The Gap Between Family & Friends"
                                                Since 2003.        
 To connect to your loved ones, friends and family members.
Call: 1-(801)-415-1961
Our service has no effect on your current cell phone/land line. 
We provide service in the US, Canada Puerto Rico, South America and the European Union. 
No additional devices, no pre-paid phone card minutes or units of time. 
Pay one flat rate for unlimited calls to any number you designate.
We do not use Pay Pal, or any third party payment gateway.
We do not accept credit or debit cards to ensure our customers privacy. 
 This is a new twist on an well established technology.
Call to sign up 24/7.
1-(801) 415-1961

                          Mail your USPS Postal/Wells Fargo Bank  Money Order Now.
                                         Call for sign-up and banking instructions 24/7
                                                           1-(801) 415-1961
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